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Amy Schugar's Gear
New Custom made guitar!
I was given a Custom Guitar recently made specially for me and my size!
I am loving it and my big thank you-
I am hoping to have some pictures up at some point. Please make sure to check back!
Some news on Gear upgrades and things happening:
Gear: 2 Mesa boogie Stacks- 2 4x12 Mesa Boogie Cabinets. One of them Black, One of them white, and both of them are the old style Slant cabinets with the Metal Grill front. Very rugged cabs with the Black Shadow speakers..all stacked.. I also have 2 Mesa Boogie 2x12 Slant cabinets both with the Metal grills and one side white, the other side black. Not sure I will be taking all of this to some of the shows I do yet, and it will depend on club size, certainly.
BLONDE Old Mesa Boogie Mark 11 for one side and the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head at the same time, having pretty much the "true Stereo chorus" set up.

Guitars : Ibanez 777DY Jem, with Monkey grip (circa 88-89. I also will be using a 1991 Ibanez Universe Lg. This is a 7 String guitar, in Lockness Green. It is the only 7string of Ibanez that has the Maple Fretboard with the Pyramid Inlays and looks exactly like the sister to my 777DY Jem. These guitars were made from 1991-1993 and I got the first year run of 1991. There were only 340 made. It sounds like thunder and plays so great with the all original stock pickups, this guitar blows my mind. It has the Jumbo frets so it has lots of vibrato and play in the strings and it is a joy work with.

I have an Ibanez 770DX (Red version) with the Maple Fretboard and red Sharktooth inlays, and a Hot Pink RG550(with matching headstock 88-89)Ibanez, and a mauve colored RG550.
90 GIBSON WHITE Flying V. The tone from the original pickups are killer. The guitar is so light and feels so good in my hands.
I still have my 1961 Sunburst Gibson Melody maker-
I also obtained a very old 4 String Tenor Guitar, I am working with and may use at shows or recording.. somehow? It sounds like a banjo, and is a trip to play. It is called an Airline. I still have my USA Custom 91 Ibanez and my DAISY ROCK guitars. I am planning on having different/alternate tunings set up, so many of the guitars mentioned will be used. And my old 69 Mustang is still around, just not set up at the moment for rock stuff. But more country and slide stuff.
I really Love the old Lo Pro Ibanez Edge/Floyd Rose on them. I have all my bridges set up for 'free floating' position, and am having no out of tune experiences, no matter what, they stay in tune.
Endorsement with Fernandez Sustainer's. A couple of my guitars will now be equipped with these incredible pickups. A big thank you to the company.
Endorsed with Robert Keeley, they did great job with my pedals. They modded my DS-1 and a metal zone (arrr, and now it sounds fantastic!) and a DD-02, and cry baby wa. Thank you guys so very much. They are the pedal modificators and many artists including Steve Via uses Robert Keeley for pedal mods and they sound fantastic. Check out the site if you get a chance.

Original WH-1 Whammy Pedal. And a 1974-76 Script logo MXR Distortion and MXR Script logo Phase shifter. These old Script Logo pedals rock and I cannot believe how great they sound. I am also using a made in Japan Boss flanger- And I am using a 70's Vox Wa Pedal.

Pedals and fun gadgets only seem to enhance and add to the fun for me of playing. I like toys and have fun using toys! Toys are good fun, toys are good. And achieving great tone can still be difficult sometimes.

Try this......
See Eric on this:
661-255-7384 ph/fx

Great foot pedal! Nice guy! Thank you Eric
Question on Floyd Rose-
Do you know if they designed a better way to change the
strings on a Floyd rose bridge? I feel so bad for students who are learning
to change strings for the first time.

Floyd Rose has designed the new "speedloader" but you have buy a new one and have
it installed.

Changing the strings on an original Floyd Rose can be a challenge but after some
pratice it becomes second nature. I have Floyds on just about all of my guitars.
If you or your students need any tips on the best way to change strings on a
Floyd Rose or care tips...feel free to e-mail me at

Some of my Guitars
They all have a personality! The late 70's Fender acoustic is not the best in the whole world, but it is the very first guitar I ever picked up! So, yea, I have to keep it- I remember picking it up in my Mom and Dads living room, thinking "wow..mm..this feels good, I bet I could play it?"!
Question from Fan on STRINGS AND PICKS..
This observation may seem odd, but who was the last person you knew of that
used Dunlop 2.0 mm picks? I think I'm the only one on the planet who uses
them.................what gage do you use!?

Thank you so much for the question and I really like using Diaddario strings and I use 9's on the electric and 10's on acoustic. I really enjoy using very heavy picks. I had gotten one from one amazing player , Malsteem, and it was a 2 I think and was one of the heaviest picks I had used! But I really loved it! I have to find it, cause I used it night after night on my tour with MSG- I called it my little good luck pick!
But, yea, heavy picks work great for me-
Thank you for the question!
I am running a 66-67 Vox Amp lead 125-
I have put CELESTION CLASSIC 80'S IN IT!! ( I still have the original speakers also!!( The old British blue backs!)
I have just tried out a new pedal last night, the Metal Zone by boss, and I love it! I added it last night to my "arsenal"!
I am running a OLDER MODEL CRY BABY WA WA, A DD2 DIGITAL DELAY, A BRAND NEW CHORUS ENSEMBLE CE-5 PEDAL (GREAT PEDAL BY THE WAY) AND A GE-7 EQ FOR GAIN AND BOOST ON LEADS, AND A BOSS TU-12 TUNER TO A CUT OFF BOX FOR SILENT TUNING- I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS SOUND AND SET UP SO FAR!! I will try to answer another time the frequencies in which I set the amp for the overall tone- To you question about Amps, well,
I can not say exactly what amps I prefer over all- each one is just so different, and I think it depends on what you are trying to achieve for tone and what guitar you have and so on..
I will say that I just purchased a couple of weeks ago, A GENZ BENZ ENCLOSURES ACOUSTIC AMP, THE SHENANDOAH 100 AND THIS AMP IS ONE OF THE BEST FOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR!! IT ALSO HAS 3 DIRECT OUTS AS WELL AND SEPARATE MIC JACK IN CASE YOU ARE PERFORMING AND WANT TO SING AS WELL WITH IT- WHEN I went on stage and checked out Don Henley's stuff a couple of weeks ago, he had the exact same amp- so I know I made a great choice! This amp is compact enough to carry around and throw in a car, or do whatever with.. Check it out if you ever get a chance! I am sure you will not be disappointed-
I also use and run Mogami Gold cables on everything (including Mic cables) . I use George L cables and connectors for my pedal board- I will only go for the best when it comes to this and these guys are pretty high quality, although there is a company from Germany someone told me about also that are up there also in quality. Man I sure wish I had this set up for when I went on tour with the MSG and Michael Schenker thing!! I learned so so much however, and so I spent tons of money and got one of the best techs to come out here(Eric Johnson's guy) to set up MY sound perfect for ME, once and for all!! Never any more worries ever again with an amp or pedals that are unknown to me!! If you have the time and money to invest, getting the right sound AND equipment is well worth it in the long run and knowing your gear for sure!...you do not want to learn the hard way like I did!! I got by OK, but it was only because I could play pretty decent I think.. night after night, we had problems with a good tone from my set up while on stage with MSG..I was in a bind, and borrowed a amp from some guy in the neighborhood!! Ha!! Sorry, but that is the truth!
Gotta run now.. thank you for the wonderful questions! Oh, on your question regarding Molecular structure of Carbons and Atoms..well.. maybe next time..??
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