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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Amy Schugar
Hello All,
It has been awhile since posting or updating.
Things have been well, and the "Little Album That Could" Did.. and got
a release in Japan.
By the way, while on the subject, we should all still say our
prayers for Japan- their nightmare is not over, and my heart as
many goes out to them.
Also, new endorsement with Guitar Cable.com check them out for sure-they
are awesome!
Best to all of you,
Show at Avalon Night Club- 05-31-07
Amy at Avalon
I had a blast and want to thank my fans and friends that showed up, and the autographs and photos request was such a good time. Special thanks to Scott, Kent, Brad, Sharon, Robin, Val, Jerry and many other friends.
Update 05-30-07
Hello Everyone,
Just a brief update before I head out to start my day with errands and stuff-
Tomorrow is the show at the Avalon. After that, we will be focusing on new recordings of the new material I have written.
Again, after this show, my focus is my new music and getting it recorded.
I hope to see some of you at the show tomorrow night and remember I go on at 830 sharp.
Life is good
Life is good and getting ready to play! I am looking forward to a nice evening of getting out!
The dogs and cats are doing so well and the baby hawk that I have watched growing up is huge now and getting ready to leave the nest.
Life is well and positive these days! Been so busy and hope to get out more at some point and enjoy time with friends here. Myspace Music Page has been fun and really busy. Met lots of people here in the Bay Area and have a great support system with many of them for my music!
I miss Arizona sometime and mostly miss Mom and Dad and have not been able to see them, hopefully soon.
Yesterday at the Barbecue B-day Bash
Yesterday was so much fun! I enjoyed meeting everyone at the little Birthday Bash and the food was Terrific!! Yum! I cant wait for todays leftovers!
The weather was perfect-

I also wanted to say, Thank you very much to everyone who is emailing me from the mailing list that was sent out! Thank you for signing up on the list. My crews point is to never mass mail or spam and as you all know, I love keeping in touch personally with my fans and friends. It was a good thing to let you all know I am up and out playing again and let you guys know what is happening. The mailing list is a great way to do that!
However, always feel free to email me personally. My team wanted to do the mailing list, because I had so many address's, simply no way to do it by hand-
Always drop me a mail, or check back here for more info-
Thank you so much for the support and in joining the mailing list that was sent out.
Look forward to see you all at the Avalon!

Amy Schugar Myspace/ Dynamic Artists
Upcoming Events at Avalon On Pollstar
My Friend Gunters Links and page
Links page is not working correctly, so here is a link to my friend Gunter-http://www.gunternezhoda.com/links.htm
He is a great player and really nice guy.
I have also been delighting in watching a hawks nest outside. It is an amazing thing that I have been able to witness the parents feeding the baby and raising it. Right now the baby is pure white and fuzzy and no feathers at all. Real wobbly when he/she tries to stand and it looks like a little 'Swanson' like right now. Maybe a couple of weeks old. So very very cute! The parents are great parents-
I marvel so much in nature and can't wait until I can take some time to go hiking or camping someday.

Interview tonight-

Thank you very much to Lady Rock-
Again everyone, anyone who is in the Bay Area come support the first night out in years, with my new Band. May 31st at the Avalon! Dates will be in Pollstar soon and we are actively working now on looking into touring. Will keep you updated when and if dates are secured with Michael Schenker in us playing together for a couple of his USA shows. Michael requested it and my biggest thanks goes to him for trying to make this happen- Thank you. I am over joyed to reconnect and Michael you are so missed!
Last nights show/rehearsal
Last night was great on the Big stage and thank you so much to the night club and Josh's Dad and everyone for helping the band out! We had great lights show and sound! I love that huge stage! By the way, I heard I missed a KILLER dinner! Next week I will get there early enough to have dinner with everyone and set up my gear as promised!
The First Amy Schugar show at the Avalon Night Club and Possible Bookings with Michael Schenker/Cats and dogs and stuff:
Hi Guys,
All is going well. Funny this morning, when my kitty pumpkin greeted me and woke me up this morning, her fur smelled like a little cinnamon stick! I don't know why or where or how she smells like Cinnamon, but no complaints, everyone is purring and well and happy(:

I have worked years to get things together and to find the right people that I work well with and that had the availability that I needed. We have our first show at the Avalon Night Club here in San Fransisco on May 31st, Thursday- This date was just told today to me- Dates on this and for future shows will be listed on Pollstar in about a week,(and on tour page). It always takes time to update there, about a week- Avalon takes some time to update their records also.

I cant wait! Come on out and lets party together! I am pretty low key, but this is a special night!
Always feel free to "bug me" or email me with any questions or comments! I am not always able to answer back right away, but will eventually get to all the mail and answer when time permits!
Thanks again for understanding-

I am still working with Kim Dahme from Boston, with our songs.
And may also be starting writing some words and a little something with Adrian Legg. So as you guys (and friends that read this) see, I am very very busy. I will answer mail back, so don't get frustrated(: ! Thank you for the emails.
I heard from Michael Schenker he has asked my band to open for him for a couple of shows here in America on his new tour! This was great news and I will keep you all posted. Hopefully this works out! It is a matter now of management and agents coming to agreements and "stuff" and contracts "thingy things and stuff". Business and things I stay out of-
It would be a great reunion! My band is covering some of the songs off of the Schugar Schenker album along with new songs I have been writing- We hope this will be cemented soon, so check back!
Custom Guitar
A builder here in the Valley Built me a Custom Guitar Recently and I really love it! It was customized to fit me! Thank you so much CB Perkins! What a great job you have done! What an honor in your generosity! Thank you again, and I play it constantly! The guitar has "good vibes" about it! I hope to have pictures up at some point so keep checking back!
Kimberley Dahme from The Rock Band Boston
When time permits for both of us, Kimberley Dahme Bostons Bass player and I will begin recording a couple of tunes we wrote together. Kim has been with Boston for six years. Kim is a beautiful girl and has uplifted my spirits a lot.
Congratulations to Peppino D'Agostino for being voted "Best Acoustic Guitarist" by the readers of Guitar Player Magazine in:

"The 2007 Guitar Player Reader's Choice Awards"

(May 2007 issue) More information here and Website:

Hair Cut
I think I need to get a hair cut. I look like a wild cave woman. My hair is touching down to my hips.
Japanese news
Band, New Guitar, Stuff
I just had my first custom Body Guitar made for me. It was courtesy of some builders here in the area. It has all of the good things like the 24 Fret Maple Neck, complete lo pro edge, 5way switch, just everything I want in a guitar, The Ibanez, but with a smaller body, and it is a mean little machine. It really was a surprise to me and I am very grateful.

We have Thursdays a closed dress rehearsal on a big stage. Thank you very much to the nightclub that donated this stage and sound man to us, and to allow us the opportunity to play, and let us be closed off to the public and to enjoy alone time in a night club by ourselves as a band, and to use the stage for rehearsal. We are currently in a smaller room.
Dynamic Artists

New Band Line Up /And project with Bostons Bassist Kimberley Dahme
Hello all-
I have been very busy, and started rehearsals with my new band. I really enjoy these guys and Josh is a wild kid on the drums with the spirit of young pup. My bass player Keren, keeps us steady. Being we are a Power trio at this point, everyone is singing harmonies and backup. We all are within a close living distance to one another, and I love rehearsing. I am so tired these days. I am running myself to the ground trying to stay caught up and in keeping so so busy.
We have tentative booking on a show for May. But I am unsure if I want to announce the date to anyone, or about where it is, except to a few good friends.

I am the only guitar player and singer in this band. So we will see how this goes, with doing a 3piece for now and see what comes of it. I feel so exhausted after rehearsal, both physically and mentally and It can be very challenging to operate like this as a power trio, but we had our reasons at this point in time for doing this and In time I am sure it will get easier, and it is a lot of fun also to do, and I enjoy the challenge. My manager is great and we are blessed to have him guiding us as he does. So yea, all is going well. Except that someone did a hit and run to my car the other night and I am really bummin out.

I am also working with Kimberley Dahme from Boston on some songwriting together and a side project. I realize This is a very very hard time for the members of Boston, and I am so very sorry about the loss of Brad the singer. It is hard to write about this and somewhat awkward, but Kim and I talked about it, and she wanted me to write today about us meeting, as it was very productive and fun. Again, to all due respect for Brad and the family, and in respect to his memory and family members, I am sorry about the loss ..My best wishes to all who surrounded him. He was a good man..

Kims site at this time, will be dedicated to Brad and the situation there, and understandably so. And she will update things on us and what we are doing at a later time. Again, these moments are difficult and awkward for us because it is filled at the same time with extreme sorrow, and happiness. Yesterday, we had our moments of crying together and laughing together. It was something I will never forget. And we wrote together, and great stuff came from it. Just got all the words to a finished song from her today that we wrote together (march 21 07). This particular song is about humanity and the lack of compassion often times found in todays world.

We met March 19th/07 at my studio. We really hit it off well the minute she stepped out of the cab. We spent the better half of a day together and in a small amount of time wrote almost two full songs together. We think alot alike, and vocally our voices work well together. She has been with Boston for 6 years. She is a tall girl! We got a lot of giggles together and I enjoyed her company.


Russian and Romanian with Italian.

Books I get asked about and Stuff ...and things.. and what nots..
Hi everyone-
I have invested in a few of them. Each one is always a little different or teaches differently or has something the other book doesn't! It gets frustrating and there is not just one book that has everything in it. For starters on Scales, here is a couple I really enjoy and ones you or a friend can get started on:


and http://www.music44.com/X/product/16768-D

Done in a "Hannon method" these scales can sound pretty cool! One of my favorite scales for some reason is the weird Whole Tone scale. It is tricky but can be done in a 2 measure break real fast and will sound cool when you get it down and "double" up on it!
Thanks for checking in, and as always, I write here a couple of times a week to update friends, fans, and family!
Love to you all,
Amy Schugar
Guitar Player Magazine 2006 Issue
Floyd Rose or Kaler? Changing tips:
> Do you know if they designed a better way to change the
> strings on a Floyd rose bridge? I feel so bad for students who are learning
> to change strings for the first time.

Floyd Rose has designed the new "speedloader" but you to buy a new one and have
it installed.

Changing the strings on an original Floyd Rose can be a challenge but after some
pratice it becomes second nature. I have Floyds on just about all of my guitars.
If you need any tips on the best way to change strings on a
Floyd Rose or care tips...
The first guitar I ever played was a 70's to early 80's model Fender acoustic, which I still have. It is a small guitar and was given to my sister for lessons and she later gave it to me when she realized that the guitar just wasn't for her. It is listed on my gear page-
Interesting that your band leader did the orchestra for Michael's Thank You album; is that how you got hooked up with John or Michael?
Hey! Great question!
No, it is not how I got in with John!
I knew John from years and years ago, played
music with him also! I was just very lucky
and I came around at the right time a few
months back when I had contacted him, for we
had lost contact..and I was just
checking in to say hello! I guess the timing was just right, and there
ya go-
My Godmother.......of Amy Sugar
My Godmother..she was really something..
She was something.. I remember her coming to Phoenix when I was just a kid.. she reminded me of Charo - she was almost "not real"..I remember she wanted to take me back to Mexico City..I did not go, I was scared, and I did not speak Spanish.. looking back on it now, I really should have gone.. I remember going to the Coliseum and being on that huge huge stage while she was setting up and getting ready for a concert that night! That was my first time on a big stage or any stage for that matter... I guess it was then, from my God mother Amalia Mendoza, I realized what I wanted to do...here is a link to her..unfortunately, she has passed on not long ago.. sadly..she was stricken with Alzhiemers..amazingly I realize after seeing this search on her, she was as famous as my former writing partner..amazing..http://www.google.com/search?q=Amalia+Mendoza+&hl=en&lr=&start=0&sa=N
SONGWRITING? IDEAS? Below is some ways and ideas some rock stars "do what they do best"- below is piece of interview from a musician ..I am unsure what it means, but there is some message and something to learn I am sure..?
M: "I just play, you know, I focus on making an album, totally different than the consumer does. And, it was maybe less overdubs, you know. Not over produced. Maybe that will be part of it. Maybe a kind of went back more to the basics. I don't know. I honestly don't know. I just always do what I do. I really don't do anything really different. I always do what I do. It's just other people that join the band. They change the outcome. It's bit like when you put... Say like if you have a banana as the essence of a fruit salad. When you mix the banana with strawberries and cherries, you get one kind of taste. You take the strawberries and the cherries out, and now you put in mango and passion fruit with the banana. You're still banana! You can still taste it, but it's a little different."
---------SOURCE: http://www.freewebtown.com/rbaraki/index.html

A. Do you have any Beethoven music?
AMY, HOW DO YOU CLEAN YOUR NUTS ?(a question from fan)
Well, thank you for the question, and I like to use a little sand paper, and then some slippery lubricant...it just feels good, and it seems to help it stay in tune..(*|*)

Actually, I do some of the work on my guitars but have a tech and set up guy that goes thru them. It is always a good idea to keep them in cases and while playing keep a good cloth handy to keep wiped down and change strings frequently. There is some graphite liquid that can keep the rollers moving well if needed. But for the most part a good tech guy is your most valuable asset, especially for Floyd Rose set ups.
Favorite Movies...
Any movie that is good!! I love Adam Sandler movies, Brad Pitt is one heck of an actor! Meet the Parents and Anger Management was a couple of my favorites and I think the type of movies I like best.. however the new one out currently with Brad Pitt in a skirt with curly hair was great!! I can not remember the name at the moment..oh yes, something to do with Achillies..he was Achillies...
Also, when I go to a movie, I need lots of popcorn with extra extra butter!!!! So much, no one can ever believe it! Yummm!
First Guitar ever owned?
My sister had a Fender acoustic. I had a Sigma.
We had them at the same time.
I now own that Fender of my sisters! I got rid of the Sigma-
So, in a sense, I still have the first guitar I ever owned.

The second, my first electric, a Old FENDER MUSTANG, I sold.. I wish I had kept it- it had the competition stripe.
I have had many guitars and Amps I wish I had never gotten rid off.. My 69 Fender (the white one with crazy eyes on it) is one of my babies I have had for 100's of years!!!!!!!!!
It has seen EVERYTHING!! It will NEVER leave me... unless there is a disaster of some type-
I love all food, that I know of, except for liver and lamb!!
I occasionally try these things once every couple of years again to see if my taste changed, but again nothing changes...yuck to these two things!!!
But I love alll alllll kinds of food! And luuvv trying different foods also!!
October 22nd-
Yes- My Godmother is/was EXTREMELY famous. Her name is Amalia Mendoza. A GOOGLE SEARCH on her name will give all the information.
My mother was very famous in Mexico City. I am not of Spanish heritage however.
My mother was a Bullfighter and a singer and dancer.
Mom is in a book by Muriel Feiner called: Women and the Bullring.
Her stage name was Carla Lee-
She is still around and lives close by-
Many songs have been written around and about my Mom-
Amy, what instruments do you play?

I play a 66-67 Slingerland drums set- I am not the greatest, but am not the worst! It depends on who is listening??..
I play some keyboards and piano and own a 1909 Ivers and ponds huge upright piano- beautiful piano!! I found it for only 50 dollars!
Guitar, obviously
doodle sac...?? huh? I don't know.. I have no idea what a doodle sac is..
So there you go!
5) some bass also- if you play guitar, you can play some bass lines..
Thank you for asking Ken and Marge !
FAVORITE BOOKS: Currently reading WILL DURANT title:" THE STORY OF PHILOSOPHY" It is the study and story of the different philosophers and what they were trying to convey in their messages, and so forth, WITH time periods and is very informative book!
I am also still working on KEN FOLLETTS "HORNET FLIGHT" it is about the wartimes, German invasion, etc..
How Long has Amy been playing??
Well, I started playing when I DIDN'T have a mustache and beard..
OK, not funny , but I thought it was.. Really, Off and on for close to 100 years-

I should be way better than I am! But it was never my goal to be the best..just to play what felt the best, to me..

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